Like a countryside

Live like a noble, immersed in the eighteenth-century atmosphere of Spianamento di San Sebastiano, a manor house that perfectly synthesizes the aristocratic yet rural life. Get lost amongst the Palazzina di Loisir, its concrete and functional halls overrun with countryside charm. The Rongone Counts once called this place home. They were great lovers of art and collectors of antiquity, but they were also practical rulers with a deep knowledge of the countryside, erudite scholars of the rural.

Follow the tree-lined carriageway where the ancient clogging of hooves that carried local squires to visit the count still rings out and the squeaking of wooden carts, groaning under the weight of freshly picked grapes on their way to be pressed, can still be heard in the rustling of the leaves.

Abandon yourself to the marvels of the hortus conclusus, where the beauty of Italian walled gardens – the enclosure, the fish ponds, the hedge maze – overlook the stunning views of vineyards and limestone forests.

Come out onto the belvederes of Spianamento and ‘breathe in’ the 360-degree views of the Langa del Sole landscape.Spianamento is the gateway to the region. To the east you will see the hills of Barbaresco; north is the city of Alba and the Tanaro River, the border between the Langhe and Roero; to the west lies the hills of Barolo, the tallest of which is La Morra; and south the view ‘sinks’ deeply into the Langa profonda where the woods thicken and the streets shrink into the shade, ancient towers peak over the darkness and the pristine valleys continue on for what seems like eternity. Your adventure in the Langa del Sole has just begun!

Diano D’Alba, Spianamento di San Sebastiano

The door to the Langa del Sole

The Spianamento is the door to the Langa del Sole, the ideal starting point to explore the Altra Langa. The hills have long been a crucible of people, stories and traditions that battled against the omnipresence of nature, constantly in search of a balance between sustenance and freedom, abandon and use.