Bike between
two universes

La Morra and Bossolasco, “Langa del Barolo” and “Alta Langa”: two universes. The first is tidy rows of vines, like gardens weaved together. The ciabots breaking the monotony with their shingled roofs protecting the winemaker’s tools. The second is high pastures, where long-abandoned stone farmhouse tumble under the shade of cherry trees.

Hop on your bike and pedal a path between these two. There are many routes you can choose. Start in La Morra, where the Belvedere acts as the perfect place to chart your course and take in the entire overview of the Langa del Sole, hike/bike path network. Pass your way through the various “cultures” of the Langhe, from the man-made vineyard landscapes to the upper hills where Mother Nature still has the upper hand.

Follow the BarTOBar, for the best kept trails between the Upper and Lower Langhe. It is a network of 124 km of hiking and biking paths that connect Barolo to Barbaresco. In Bossolasco even more cycling opportunity is available with the GTL, the new Grande Traversata delle Langhe network of over 60 km of trails between the woods and the ravines, the stone castles and ghost towns, the hazelnut groves and pastures, the small valleys of wheat fields and terraced vegetable gardens, the ancient doings of man to create order in nature.

The Belvedere and outdoor
cycling garden

At the Belvedere in La Morra you will find maps and signs that lead to all the biking routes of the Langa del Sole. Begin here and pick the path that best suits your needs. However, in Bossolasco, there is a scenic picnic area for hikers and bikers to take a break, enjoy a snack and wander through the Langa del Sole’s wilder areas.