With its elevation of 896 metres above sea level, Mombarcaro is the peak of the Langhe. The town’s name is a reference to the boats, “barche,” you can see in the distance in the Ligurian Sea. Originally a Roman settlement and then a Medieval hamlet, the entirety of the Belbo Valley, the Alps and the Ligurian Alps can be viewed in their breathtaking glory from town. On clear days you can see all the way to the shimmering waters off of Savona and Beppe Fenoglio described it as the “town bizzarely named after an ancient boat fixed on the crest of an excellent hill.” He also called it the “capital of the Poor Langa,” the silence of the woods, the stone farmhouses, the spacious lands and rolling pastures where you can still encounter the Langa Sheep are totally different value of richness.

Town Hall: Piazza Ferrero, 1

Tel. +39.0174.97155




  The Medieval city gate

  The Etnographic Museum of Mombarcaro

  The Chapel of San Rocco