San Benedet

San Benedetto Belbo

The only village built on the Belbo Valley floor, San Benedetto rises on a small natural terrace that overlooks the fields and river banks. The village, which is named after the 11th-century monastery, still holds traits of the ancient, the tradition, the humility and the pride that Beppe Fenolgio immortalized in his works La Malora and Johnny the Partisan. Among the natural riches of the area is the unique evergreen oak, a cross-breed between holm oak and turkey oak, it keeps its leaves year-round. The proximity of the river also increases biodiversity; the Belbo and Verne Lake are home to rare species of dragonflies, the sanguinerola (a small fresh water fish) and the celebrated sweet, fresh water shrimp that are endangered and heavily protected.

Town Hall: Via Fratelli Cora, 1

Tel. +39.0173.796177




  The Church of Battuti

  The ancient rectory and remaining walls of the Benedictine monastery

  The Church of the Madonna della Neve

  The Censa di Placido

  Beppe Fenoglio’s paths