Lequio Berria

Lequio stretches high along the hills that overlook the Berria River Valley, between Benevello and Borgomale. The views from anywhere in town are stunning. The village is immersed within thick woods and groves of hazelnut trees, which is the primary economy of the town. Lequio is derived from the Celtic word leak, which means milestone, most likely because its elevated position made it a strategic place to gather and conquer surrounding areas.

Town Hall: Via Roma, 20

Tel. +39.0173.52402

Website: www.comune.lequioberria.cn.it

Email: info@comune.lequio.berria.cn.it


  The Parish Church of San Lorenzo

  The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve

  13th-century farmhouses

  The pillars of Via Crucis