The main characteristic of Rodello are its two bell towers, one built on the Parish Church of San Lorenzo and the other the Church of the the Immaculate Conception, which from a distance seem to only be built a few centimetres apart. The town stands a top a hill that overlooks the plain of Alba and the Tanaro Rivery Valley, with sweeping views of the Alps. On clear days, the face of Mont Viso gazes down on the town. Rodello is known for its hazelnuts and wine, but also for art. Visit the Musuem of Modern and Religious Art, which is dedicated to Dedalo Montalì, a foremost local artist in contemporary sacred art.

Town Hall: Piazza Comunale, 6

Tel. +39.0173.617107

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  The Parish Church of San Lorenzo

  The Dedalo Montali Museum of Modern and Religious Art

  The Church of the Annunciazione